Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner For Beth Cooper

Okay we go. So, back in April I did a whole month (or at least a couple entries) devoted to two different, and sometimes similar things, and pitted them against each other in a Nostalgic Battle Royal. So I decided for this month (or maybe whenever I have nothing to blog about) I'll devote blogs to movie reviews...both movies in theaters AND Netflix. So for this blog, I would like to review the movie "Dinner For Schmucks".

Alright, so I went to the movie thinking that it was going to be pretty funny. Surprisingly, the only parts that were consistently funny was Barry's "mouse-terpieces." Sooo, dead mice were funny to me. Other than that, Stevel Carell has his funny moments as Barry (who has a look of a pedophile) and Paul Rudd is just good ol' Paul Rudd trying to get things done, win the girl, and get his life in order. At times I felt like I was watching some kind of animated movie or something because of some of the characters. The characters almost all had a look where they were over the top and looney...especially Paul Rudd's stalker. But other than that, there are some funny moments with Zach Galifianakis (who also has a movie coming out called "Due Date" that looks pretty funny) But Zach isn't really in the movie for too long, sadly.

Other than "Due Date," the other previews were "Little Fockers" (who cares). "Rango", an animated movie that actually looks decent and original. And some movie that has to do with Jennifer Aniston and seamen getting switched by her best friend or something...I dunno.

But bottom line for "Dinner For Schmucks," I don't think it's worth the $11. Seriously, when in hell did movies become $11? Just wait for the schmucks to come to your Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, I recently watched "I Love You, Beth Cooper." And for those of you who haven't seen it, don't. The main character is terrible and unfunny. Beth Cooper isn't nearly as naked as she could have been. And all the other characters and jokes sucked. It reminded me of a really shitty knock off of "The Girl Next Door." For those of you who HAVEN'T seen "The Girl Next Door." Do.

Welp, that about does it for these little "reviews" (or lack thereof)...I also want to say this is probably the most times I've used quotation marks, "ever."