Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Invention of Scott Pilgrim

Well, it's been awhile since I got to another movie...maybe because I had such a hard time trying to track down the movie that I actually wanted to see...this blog is going out to Scott Pilgrim.....and the world.

I remember seeing this preview during Toy Story 3 and I gotta say, I had no idea why they put it in the batch of previews of Toy Story, but I was glad that they did. The preview had me intrigued. First of all, it looked like it was based of a video game, so of course it had me curious about it. THEN I found out that Edgar Wright directed the movie (who also directed Shaun of the Dead, which is probably my favorite movie, and Hot Fuzz). So of course I had to give it a try. Sadly, the really nice theater by my apartment didn't have it opening day...or the week after that, or the week after that. So I had to venture on my bike over to Jersey City Mall and catch it, and I'm glad I did. I instantly got a smile on my face from the very first scene...not even the opening credits, I'm talking about when Universal's intro came on the screen. The Scott Pilgrim camp did their homework when it came to piling on the video game references. This was just an all around fun movie. The jokes were pulled off really well, the fight scenes were pretty epic, and whether you like Michael Cera or not, it was kind of refreshing to see him kick a little ass. I dunno what it is with Hollywood and Michael Cera...every time a movie needs some awkward kid, they immediately go to Michael Cera. Regardless, Michael Cera wasn't really a little bitch in this movie. I have no idea if the movie could be seen in 3D, but while I was watching the movie, I thought about how cool it could have been if the movie was presented in 3D, but at the same time, I think it might have taken away from the movie's effects (is that possible?) I think so. Because I've never played a video game in 3D. So I was kind of torn between it being in 3D or not. I don't really like giving too much shit away in these little blog 'reviews', but let me say, I never knew the graphic novel existed, but after seeing the movie, I'm interested in it now. But I digress, without giving too much away, if you are a nerd at heart, enjoy video games, comic books, or just those underdog love stories, you should give Scott Pilgrim a chance...I mean, he fights seven evil ex's for YOUR entertainment...and the girl of his dreams.

So let's move onto the latest Netflix review. I got The Invention of Lying a couple of weeks ago. My good ol' roommate Sawka found the movie On Demand and me being the idiot that I am, didn't cancel it on my Netflix and just watch it On Demand...but then I guess I would have to do an On Demand section of the blog reviews too? No, fuck that. Anyways, The Invention of Lying is pretty damn funny. There are a bunch of little cameos, which ended up being surprising to me in the end. I mean, it's no Tom Cruises and Angelina Jolies or anything...but by the middle of it, there were a lot of recognizable faces all telling the truth, and being funny about it...like Louis C.K. Pretty much what the movie is about, is no one knows how to lie. It just hasn't been invented yet. But the movie is set in the present which makes it a little more interesting. The dialogue between characters ends up being hilarious because people HAVE to say whatever they are thinking...they can't lie. Wow, if only, huh?? Imagine that. People would know EXACTLY what you were thinking about them and in a way, it would end up being better...and sometimes worse. But anyways, the movie is definitely worth a rent on Netflix.

Well, I think that's about it. I'm thinking about actually seeing Pirana 3D, aka, Snakes on a Plane 2...but with fishes.....and water...pretty much, another bad movie that is so bad, it's kinda good...and funny. I WILL say, my current video here from Netflix is Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. I started it 4 days ago, and still haven't finished it. I think it's safe to say you already know what I'm going to say about that movie.

Anyways, until next time Adamaniacs!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lion VS. Tuna

So keeping up with the "review" kick that I'm on, I wanted to talk about the latest movie that I saw in theatres, and that movie was "The Other Guys."

Well yeah the preview looked funny! So why not see it!? First of all, before going into it, I heard from a couple of comics that have seen the movie that Will Ferrell wasn't typical "Will Ferrell" in the movie. I didn't really see it. He yelled, had that sarcastic tone at times, and had a really funny character...soooo, those comics were liars. Unless they meant that he wasn't typical Will Ferrell because he didn't take his shirt off and run around like an idiot while showing off his awkwardly hairy chest...oh sorry, was I supposed to say *SPOILER ALERT* before I wrote that??

Anyways, the beginning sequence with The Rock and Samuel Jackson is great...without giving anything away, it's pretty much just one giant spoof on action movies and the movie continues that spoof even after that beginning sequence. I will say though, I have never really paid attention to anything that Mark Wahlberg has done in his acting career, so I guess you could say that he's pretty much a new actor to me. Regardless, Mark Wahlberg is hilarious in this movie...just a lil, bitter, angry fuck. That always leads to some laughs, right??

I gotta admit though, there is one person that I enjoyed more than Ferrell and Wahlberg, and that was Michael Keaton. Maybe it's because he played Beetlejuice (which, FUN FACT, he was only in that film for a total of 17 minutes.) or maybe it's because he's a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins and is originally from PA, or MAYBE it's because he played Batman, or JUST MAYBE, it's because he's funny. I'm gonna go ahead and say that it's because he's funny. The running gag with Keaton in the movie is great and anytime that he is on screen, he throws out some funny one liners and facial expressions...even though he does look old as shit in this movie.

So the bottom line is, don't wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix...just go see it in the theatre. If ANYTHING, the one good thing about this movie is that people probably won't quote Will Ferrell for years to come like they do with Anchorman and Ricky Bobby.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner For Beth Cooper

Okay blog...here we go. So, back in April I did a whole month (or at least a couple entries) devoted to two different, and sometimes similar things, and pitted them against each other in a Nostalgic Battle Royal. So I decided for this month (or maybe whenever I have nothing to blog about) I'll devote blogs to movie reviews...both movies in theaters AND Netflix. So for this blog, I would like to review the movie "Dinner For Schmucks".

Alright, so I went to the movie thinking that it was going to be pretty funny. Surprisingly, the only parts that were consistently funny was Barry's "mouse-terpieces." Sooo, dead mice were funny to me. Other than that, Stevel Carell has his funny moments as Barry (who has a look of a pedophile) and Paul Rudd is just good ol' Paul Rudd trying to get things done, win the girl, and get his life in order. At times I felt like I was watching some kind of animated movie or something because of some of the characters. The characters almost all had a look where they were over the top and looney...especially Paul Rudd's stalker. But other than that, there are some funny moments with Zach Galifianakis (who also has a movie coming out called "Due Date" that looks pretty funny) But Zach isn't really in the movie for too long, sadly.

Other than "Due Date," the other previews were "Little Fockers" (who cares). "Rango", an animated movie that actually looks decent and original. And some movie that has to do with Jennifer Aniston and seamen getting switched by her best friend or something...I dunno.

But bottom line for "Dinner For Schmucks," I don't think it's worth the $11. Seriously, when in hell did movies become $11? Just wait for the schmucks to come to your Netflix.

Speaking of Netflix, I recently watched "I Love You, Beth Cooper." And for those of you who haven't seen it, don't. The main character is terrible and unfunny. Beth Cooper isn't nearly as naked as she could have been. And all the other characters and jokes sucked. It reminded me of a really shitty knock off of "The Girl Next Door." For those of you who HAVEN'T seen "The Girl Next Door." Do.

Welp, that about does it for these little "reviews" (or lack thereof)...I also want to say this is probably the most times I've used quotation marks, "ever."