Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beans and Cardboard

So The Munsters beat The Addams Family. Let's keep this Nostalgic Battle Royal rolling (because for once, I actually want to blog daily now) for today's match up, I wanna pit two phenomenons against each other...that were allegedly supposed to be worth something by's match up, Beanie Babies VS Pogs

That's right, Beanie Babies...and not just ANY Beanie Baby, I'm talking about the official TY Beanie Babies, you know, the ones that would "only be worth something if they still had that TY tag" What the hell was TY? And why were those tags so important? They were so important, that many people (myself included) got little tag protectors to put over the tags, so they wouldn't get damaged or ripped.....BECAUSE THEN THEY WOULDN'T BE WORTH ANYTHING! OH, and don't forget the actual cases that you could put the Beanie Baby in...and you didn't just put any regular parrot Beanie Baby in those cases, ohhh no, you put the bears in the cases, because THOSE were the important ones...especially that Princess Di bear........yeah, you remember it. So what did you do with Beanie Babies? You didn't play with didn't really trade just, bought them. I remember as a kid, there was one Beanie Baby that I wanted more than any of the was a camel, named Humphrey, and for some fuckin reason, ol' Humphrey, was considered "rare" and was one of the most expensive Beanie Babies.....why? Why?? WHY?! It was a gawd damn camel, IF ANYTHING, that purple platypus should have been the rare one, when the hell did you ever see a purple platypus?! NEVER! But every toy store and Hallmark you walked in to, there he was...not to mention, he had his own McDonald's toy Beanie Baby.....yes, they even invaded McDonald's. So what do the Beanie Babies have going for them entering this battle royal? They invaded McDonald's, they had everyone fooled, and they came with their own cases (which cost extra) to protect them, and I never saw Humphrey in person.

So let's weigh in those circular pieces of cardboard, known as Pogs. Pogs were the shit, plain and simple, and I love hearing older generations talk about their toys, and how
they didn't have much and what not...well guess what, we CHOSE to play with little circle pieces of cardboard, when we OBVIOUSLY had alot better options to play with. Pogs made no sense, what so ever, and they didn't have to. I don't even know how Pogs came to be, they just appeared one day. I don't remember ever seeing a commercial for day, they just showed up. Anyone, anything, and everything could be on a Pog. From The Looney Tunes, to Betty Boop, to a pig with eye balls for legs, ANYTHING could be on a Pog, and it was considered cool. Any Pog with an 8 Ball, skull, flames, peace sign, or ying yang was automatically awesome...and yeah, you might get 3 of the same one, but you put those other 2 in the matches that you played for "keepsies." Pogs, unlike Beanie Babies, had a purpose...whether you just collected them or played with them, they were awesome. Some people just played and kept track of their Pogs, others played to keep their opponents Pogs...if you played for keepsies, you were bold....and a gambler. Then there was the slammers...plastic slammers and metal slammers...and some of those metal slammers, you could break a windshield with, I'm sure of it. The slammers were almost as cool as the actual Pogs. Everyone had their go-to slammer, to use or show off with...mine was the first slammer I ever got...a frog, sitting on an 8 Ball, eating a fly......yes, a frog is kinda girly, but fuck you, there was an 8 ball on it, so it was cool.

So in this round of the battle royal, who is gonna take it? The multi-colored animals known as Beanie Babies OR the multi-colored discs known as Pogs?? You collected them both, you played with one group of them, while the others sat around. Neither of them are worth anything now...except an entry in a blog! I'm pretty sure that this one seemed one sided from the this round goes to Pogs.