Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nostalgic Battle Royal

So I have decided to have a special event for my blog. I know that I don't blog regularly, so I have decided that for the month of April, I am going to have a special month of blogging about things from my childhood and what not. Now, don't get me wrong, it's not going to be just a random blog about Pokemon (maybe I'll save that for mid-April) but I want to have a couple of blogs that pit two similar things against each other and choose what comes out on top between the two. Get my drift? Think of it as a Nostalgic Battle Royal. So let's get this battle royal under way!! Let's take a look at 2 similar television families...The Addams Family VS. The Munsters

Lets weigh in the family from 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I actually watched a couple of episodes of The Munsters the other day on my Netflix Instant Que on XBox, and I forgot that I actually liked watching this show if it was on when I was younger. For those of you that never saw the show, there was Herman (the father/Frankenstein character), Lily (the mother/bride of Frankenstein), Grandpa (pretty self-explanatory/The Count), Eddie (the son/wolfboy), and finally Marilyn (the cousin...who was considered the freak of the family pretty much). The one thing that I remember about seeing The Munsters as opposed to The Addams Family, the Munsters seemed a little bit more inviting to the outside world and I would like to thank Herman Munster for that. I mean, if you didn't watch the show, Herman was practically a big goof (with an awesome laugh) and might have seemed like he was the one running the household, but I always thought Herman made sure Lily was okay with whatever went down. Most of the time, Herman was pretty oblivious to things that were going on, which in my opinion is a funnier character, not to mention, Herman, along with the entire family were just living their lives and didn't give a shit what people thought about them...or they were just all oblivious to it. One thing that The Addams Family didn't have, was a "freakishly ugly cousin" named Marilyn. Marilyn's looks alone boost The Munsters up in the battle royal. As far as looks go with the rest of The Munsters, they looked like actual monsters, The Addams Family were just a bunch of weird looking goth people...with an ogre butler, a hand, and a hairball cousin. The Munsters never came out with any big movie in the theatres (to my knowledge) but I do remember a television movie at some point in my life with the actual characters from the television show, but I can't remember what it was about or anything...which kinda hurts the Munster clan in this battle royal.

Now let's weigh in the family that's creepy and cookey, The Addams Family. I'm going to be honest right up front, I never watched an episode of the Addams Family. The only thing that I have to go off of are the two movies that they came out with, so that's fair enough, right?? Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Lurch, Thing, AND Cousin Itt, so right off the bat, The Addams family wins in the numbers game because they not only have more to their kinfolk, I always thought the Addams had cooler characters than The Munsters. Let's start weighing in The Addams Family...they have the theme song...with the snapping fingers, enough said. It seemed like The Addams Family had a shit load of money, especially considering "their house is a museum, when people come to see 'em." I feel if I was in the Addams household, I would have a better chance of breaking something pretty expensive. I don't care what anyone says, I really liked BOTH Addams Family movies, I mean they even had MC Hammer do a song about it...and if there's one thing I've learned, you need to have a shitty rapper sing about an old school television show to make it popular again (let's not forget GO NINJA, GO NINJA, GO!). One of The Addams Family downfalls I think, was Gomez and Morticia's rape fests they would have on each other...right in front of the kids and mixed company...get some manners or some shit.

With The Munsters and Addams Family being pit against each other (based on just simple observations, and not going into full detail about a lot of stuff that you don't want to read about)...For both families busting onto the scene within the SAME year, 1964, I'm going to go ahead and say that The Munsters win against The Addams Family...The Addams Family may have 2 movies under their belts, a shit load of money, and MC Hammer...but I think that The Munsters would be a cooler family to be a part of, and if I wasn't a part of the family...I would at least enjoy hanging out with them, especially Herman...I bet that ol' boy can put away some drinks.