Monday, November 30, 2009

Fozzie Bear was always a hero of mine...

Now, before I "ramble" about what I wanna ramble about, let me just say that the title of this entry is true. I have always considered Fozzie Bear an influence on me for comedy, I mean, think about it...Fozzie Bear would continue to bomb night after night after night, and have those two old pricks heckle him constantly, but he still went out there night after night after night and performed because he loved it.

Alright, enough of that...Fozzie Bear a long with ALL The Muppets have been blowing up the internet this past week or so, all thanks to a video "they" made on YouTube. Take a moment and check them out HERE

Go ahead....I'll wait....Just click the back button to come back to finish this entry.

Alright, now let me just say that I enjoyed the video when I saw it. I've always been a fan of The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, Muppet Christmas Carol, and the other Muppet movies. And when I saw the video, I thought to myself, there is an entire younger generation that have never seen anything that has to do with The Muppets. I'm starting to think that this video, along with YouTube, is the only thing that The Muppets can cling onto to stay in our culture.

Think about it, who would really pay (or care) if there was another Muppet movie or Muppet t.v. show? Not many...except for me. YouTube is the one place where The Muppets can stay around and be watched by the generations that grew up with them and they can maybe gain some younger fans.

Now if there was only a video of The Looney Tunes doing a cover of Guns N' Roses, we could save another group of historic characters.

On another, and separate note about YouTube, let me just say for the record, I love YouTube. I almost watch more YouTube than I do regular television (which is kind of scary in a way). I mean, YouTube and I have had some great moments since I found it, Scarlett tumbling, Tourette's Guy, Charlie biting, and the list goes on and on.

The one thing that I've always liked (and hated) about YouTube, is the fact that anyone can comment on anything they want. If you ever want to read some interesting things being said (and see some complete idiotic, and sometimes hilarious, comments being uttered) just click on ANY video and read the comments.

The reason that I bring this up is because as most of you know, I have plenty of videos up and running on YouTube (some funny, some not so funny) and I'm all about reading comments, people posting them and saying if they enjoyed the video, didn't enjoy it, or whatever. But let me just point out a recent comment that I received on one of my videos...

"time to get a real suck."

Alright, first of all, great comment. I appreciate any kind of feedback, positive or negative. If there is one thing that I've learned thus far about comedy is that you can't please everyone. There is always going to be someone who doesn't agree with what you're saying or they might not even find you funny at all, what so ever. Which is perfectly fine and part of the deal.

Now when I get comments like this, I either thank the person (either sincerely or sarcastically) OR I take a look at their own videos. Now if I chose option A, do you think I would be rambling about it right now? And what an anti-climactic way to finish off a blog.

I chose option B, look at this person's videos...because who knows, he may have the greatest videos EVER witnessed on YouTube, and I just wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that someone with that kind of keen and respectful taste in YouTube videos slip right thru my fingers!

So to start things off, there are 3 videos right off the bat that let me know what I was dealing with...2 videos dealt with fire and sobe bottles, so I will let you just fill in the blanks there...the 3rd video was pretty much a bootleg ride thru of the Star Wars ride from Disney...soooooooo, yeaaaaaaaah. I really don't have any funny line for those 3 videos, because I'm pretty sure that there is a much bigger demographic out there looking for sobe bottle bomb videos rather than comedy.

And I'm not even going to comment about the video that had to do with fish being slingshotted into a river......I don't have the time, the patience, or the self-hate to put my brain thru that. I mean, I have been bored, plenty of times, and never once have I thought..."you know, I just gotta slingshot some fish into a river"...I have thought about watching my friend eat 2 beta fish in hopes that they fight in his stomach...but that's a different story entirely.

Oh, and to make this even better...these videos are shot by people who apparently enjoy Metallica and live in the with that being said, if they ever read this and find me, and kill me...then I leave my DVD collection to be split up equally amongst my friends and my joke notebooks go to my dog Muttley.

Thanks for reading folks...I'm off to get a real job.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Killing Should Be Legal...on Black Friday

So here we are...wanting to do another blog so soon to the intro blog, and as it becomes 2am and while I watch Mrs. Doubtfire, I'm beginning to think about this little Thanksgiving break that I'm taking away from NYC and comedy. At the start of this break, I caught up with old friends and even got shot down...yet again. But that's another topic for another blog (that may in fact come in 2 more hours, who knows)...ANYWAYS, I began to think about the dreaded Black Friday and how Uniontown-ers will be gearing up to stand outside of Wal Mart for HD TVs, GPS's, and any other product with initials...and lets just assume that at some point on Friday, we are going to hear about someone (or a few people) being killed while trying to get into Toys R Us for the last Light Bright. So lets take a moment for the fallen on Black Friday....

But guess what?? People go out year after year to find a deal on a TV KNOWING the risk of being trampled to death by know what they say, you hear about bad things happening to people all the time but you never think that it will happen to YOU, until it hits close to home.

So why not just have murder legal on Black Friday? I mean, before you say "Adam, you're sick" (which you very well may have said already) hear me out...people enter UFC, bullfight, and sky dive knowing that there is the small risk of not making it out alive. Now granted, none of the deaths on Black Friday are intentional (as far as we know) but c'mon, I not only think that murder should be legal on Black Friday but I think that it could be considered an extreme sport. Think about it. It only happens once a year, so many people camp out and sleep in parking lots waiting for the event, AND when it comes down to it, people do what they gotta do to win. You gotta be in it to win it on Black Friday!

With that being said, this is rambling, and I wish you good luck and a safe return if you head out on Black Friday.

Well Here We Go Again...

Well, I thought I would try and get a "rambling" section going on my site, but guess what?? I have so many other things...I think a big factor of me not religiously doing the ramble section is because it seems like it's such a hassle, and I can't imagine anyone actually sitting and reading that section of my site.

So what did I do to try and solve this problem?? I created a Blogger. Like THAT is gonna help. And what am I gonna dedicate my Blogger to? I figured that I could begin to write random thoughts (what could possibly turn into future bits) OR I could write about things that I've learned while starting this journey known as stand-up comedy.

So Adamaniacs, stay tuned...this is only the beginning of this new Blogger endeavor.